​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"Donna has been tutoring my 7 year old daughter in readingfor about 9 months and we have seen tremendous progress. My daughter has an IEP and gets daily pull-outs for help with reading at school, but her doctor suggested that we also supplement with tutoring. Before my daughter started tutoring, she was very frustrated and didn't even want to try to read. Now she is confident and excited to read, and not afraid to try. We are very happy with how her reading level has increased since we started tutoring.  ​If you are looking for a reading tutor for your elementary-age child, I would highly recommend her. We are also starting to work with her for math too." Alicia V. 

"My 10-year-old son in 4th grade, needed additional help following a bone marrow transplant.  Although the Home/Hospital Teaching offered through the Durham Public Schools was meeting my son's needs, I felt he needed additional support, given all that he had missed during the past school year.  Donna Allison was the tutor, advocate, and friend we needed at a difficult time in my son's life.  Donna's unwavering spirit and compassion in working with an immunocompromised student, and our chaotic hospital/clinic visits, were met with grace and professionalism that is unmatched. . .I was thrilled to find Donna, and that she was so willing to work with our situation.  She had excellent rapport with my son, and knew just when to "push" and when to back off, on difficult subject matter.  I would highly recommend Donna for tutoring any child.  Considering all the challenges our son has met medically, Donna Allison was able to alleviate one parent's concern with their child academically.  Thank  you, Donna!"  

Terry T.  

​​ Read 'N Write It! Tutoring 

"Using animals and nature to teach and learn. . ."

​​​​"Zane went from not being able to write 3 sentences to being able to write entire narratives and researched essays.  He has great confidence and more ability to express himself than ever  It is a joy to see my son truly enjoy writing (and even spelling!) for the first time.  He is on a path to being a much more successful student in his future. I highly recommend Donna as a writing tutor."   Noel H. 

"I found a fantastic lady, Donna Allison, who has helped our son ( going into 5th grade)  tremendously with his math.  She is a former special ed teacher.  I highly recommend her.  My son doesn't love his sessions (what 10-yr-old does!) but he enjoys his time with her and likes her a lot.  She throws in games and fun things to break up the lessons.  Our son received a "4" on his EOG math test."  Trish K.  

"Miss Donna, you recognized right away where my son needed help with his reading.  You devised a plan for him, and although he was not with you long, he made great improvements within that time frame."  Elsa A.