​​ Read 'N Write It! Tutoring 

"Using animals and nature to teach and learn. . ."


  • $105.00 for a complete assessment; two hours with the student, a detailed e-mail summary, and a consultation if desired.
  • $40.00 per hour for an individual student; $35.00 for 50 minutes.
  • $25.00 per student if two students with similar needs tutor together.  


  • Free consultation to discuss tutoring needs.
  • Complete reading, writing, or basic math skills assessment without obligation for tutoring, at all levels.
  • Phonics Instruction for reading and writing success
  • Reading Instruction based on interests, while improving comprehension and vocabulary skills 
  • Early mathematics teaching for young children; reinforcement of elementary level math skills
  • Teaching spelling skills through phonics
  • Provide semester-by-semester tutoring plans, regular progress updates, and re-assessments as needed
  • I can tutor 2 students at a time who have similar needs at a reduced rate per student.

Ready to Go?

Call or e-mail me at: dellen280@gmail.